96 bad habits and how they harm you – The Complete List

96 bad habits and how they harm you – The Complete List

Bad habits can harm you, your environment (friends or family) and society.

They make you lonely or unpopular, unhealthy and prevent you from reaching your potential. But they are all within your control. You can take control of them and change your life.

First, the dose makes the poison. Eating a burger once will make you unhealthy just as eating a salad once will make you healthy. Habits are actions that are performed repeatedly and often happen automatically, without much or even any thought.

“Bad habits are like a comfortable bed. Easy to get into but hard to get out of”

– unkown

Below is the ultimate list of bad habits you’d better get rid of. If they sound too blunt to you, put a “too much …” or “too often …” in front of them and read again.

  1. constantly checking social media – makes you waste your time and your life
  2. sitting all day – makes you fat and unhealthy
  3. being late – makes you unpopular and unreliable
  4. comparing yourself – harms your mental health
  5. biting your fingernails – makes you unattractive
  6. being wasteful – bad for your wallet
  7. Watching porn (all the time) – addictive, bad for your mental health
  8. Not separating garbage – bad for environment
  9. Not getting up on time – makes you lazy and unreliable
  10. (constantly) getting into debt – triggers anxiety in you and puts you in a tight spot
  11. Eating (too much) sweets – ruins your teeth and makes you fat
  12. using digital devices late – worsens your sleep quality
  13. talking (only) colloquially – lowers your social status
  14. Chewing with your mouth open – makes you unattractive and unpopular
  15. Watching Hartz 4 TV – makes you stupid
  16. (constant) binge watching – makes you addicted, lazy and unproductive
  17. Smoking (a lot) – makes you unattractive and makes you age faster
  18. Not drinking enough – makes you have bad skin and is bad for your health
  19. Never going to the dentist – can cost you a lot of money and your health costs
  20. Using your cell phone while driving – can cost you and others their lives
  21. Drinking (too much) cola – makes you addicted, fat and unhealthy
  22. (too much) fast food – makes you fat, unattractive and damages your skin
  23. Constantly procrastinating – makes you lazy, stressed and unproductive
  24. multitasking – makes you unproductive
  25. spitting on the floor – makes you unattractive and unpopular
  26. always putting things off – makes you unproductive and unreliable
  27. always talking about yourself – makes you unpopular
  28. eating (too much) sugar – makes you fat and unhealthy
  29. not keeping promises – makes you untrustworthy
  30. not exercising enough – makes you fat and unhealthy
  31. Spending money immediately – makes you unhappy and nervous
  32. playing the lottery – gambling makes you addicted
  33. Being alone too much – makes you antisocial, lonely and unhappy
  34. not washing your hands – makes you and others sick
  35. brooding all the time – leads to nothing and makes you pessimistic
  36. leaving the light on – costs you money and harms the environment
  37. not sharing – makes you lonely and unpopular
  38. constantly using chapstick – makes you addicted and costs you money unnecessarily
  39. driving too fast – is dangerous and costs money
  40. Breaking promises – makes you unpopular and unreliable
  41. doubting – does not change the situation and makes you unhappy
  42. Eating out of frustration – makes you fat and unhealthy
  43. Being prejudiced – makes you antisocial and limits your potential
  44. Shopping for distraction – goes on your wallet and is addictive
  45. being jealous – harms you and your relationship
  46. focusing on negative things – makes you unhappy and unpopular
  47. picking your nose – is unhealthy and makes you unpopular
  48. saying “yes” to everything – makes you stressed and unreliable
  49. giving up quickly – reduces your self-discipline and makes you lazy
  50. Gossiping – makes you unpopular
  51. Not taking time for yourself – makes you stressed and unhappy
  52. lying to yourself – makes you unreliable and unhealthy
  53. listening badly – makes you unpopular and lonely
  54. complaining but not changing anything – makes you unpopular and lonely
  55. talking too much about yourself – makes you unpopular and lonely
  56. interrupting others – makes you unpopular and lonely
  57. finishing other people’s sentences – makes you unpopular
  58. exaggerating – makes you untrustworthy
  59. thinking (too much) into the past or future – makes you unhappy
  60. Binging Netflix – makes you addicted and wasting time
  61. Eating too fast – makes you fat and unhealthy
  62. Watching movies/videos while eating – is bad for your digestion
  63. Taking everything personally – makes you stressed and unhappy
  64. Knowing everything better – makes you unpopular
  65. Lying all the time – makes you unloved and lonely
  66. Chewing pens – makes you unattractive and is unhygienic
  67. Drinking alcohol often – makes you addicted and sick
  68. Showing off – makes you unpopular
  69. Using the cell phone in bed – makes your sleep worse
  70. annoying others – makes you unpopular and lonely
  71. complaining unnecessarily – makes you unpopular
  72. not letting others finish – makes you unpopular
  73. Eating out of boredom – makes you feel bad and unhealthy
  74. Getting distracted quickly – makes you unproductive
  75. Never talking about emotions – makes you unhappy and unhealthy
  76. Drinking (too much) coffee – deprives you of minerals and makes you unhealthy
  77. Squeezing pimples – makes your skin worse
  78. (too much) playing computer games – makes you addicted and unproductive
  79. Hanging out with the wrong people – makes you unhappy
  80. Unnecessary consumption – pollutes the environment and your wallet
  81. Snacking (constantly) – makes you fat and unhealthy
  82. Staying up late – makes you unproductive and is unhealthy
  83. Masturbating (often) – hurts your potency and sense of self-worth
  84. Working late – makes you sick and harms your environment
  85. Talking bad about others – makes you unpopular
  86. Not going to the (dentist) – makes problems worse
  87. not making your bed – makes you unstructured and lazy
  88. constantly checking your e-mails – makes you addicted and unfocused
  89. Driving too fast – can be expensive and is dangerous
  90. Never cleaning up – makes you unhappy, stressed and unattractive
  91. Not listening to your gut – makes you forget your inner voice
  92. Not listening to your body – makes you unhealthy and sick
  93. Gambling – is addictive and expensive
  94. Wanting to do everything perfectly – makes you unhappy, unproductive and stressed out
  95. chewing gum loudly – makes you unattractive
  96. Eating out of boredom – makes you addicted, fat and unattractive

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